Monday, October 26, 2009

213/365 Farm Fresh Delivery

Forgive me for making this a little bit of an advertisement, but I've recently signed up for a service that I find incredibly cool.

It's Farm Fresh Delivery. They deliver organic produce and natural groceries to your door on a weekly basis.

Some friends of mine have raved about this service for years, but I just now live in an area where they deliver. Here's how it works: You set up a standing order (of at least $35) that includes a bin of fresh produce. Each week, depending on what is available, fresh and in season, they compile a mix of fruits and vegetables (amounts are based on the size of your order) and deliver it to either your home or office -- with no delivery charge!

They also have natural groceries in their store, so for my order last week, I added a box of pasta, a loaf of fresh whole wheat bread, and a bar of dark chocolate. All you have to do is set the green bin out on your doorstep on the day of your scheduled delivery, then they bring your items -- packed in insulated bags and/or with frozen ice blocks if necessary -- and fill your bin.

Last week my produce consisted of a spaghetti squash, red potatoes, portobello mushrooms, three yellow beets, salad mix, red pears, apples, and black grapes.

I signed up to make sure I get plenty of fresh variety in my diet. I figure if I've already paid for it and it's delivered right to my door, I'll feel compelled to eat it, right? It's a lot easier to pass it by in the produce aisle at the grocery store than when it's staring you in the face on your counter.

Here's to home cooking and fresh produce!

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