Sunday, October 25, 2009

212/365 Halloween tradition

I can't remember exactly when the last time was that I carved a pumpkin. I know it's been several years.

One of my girlfriends invited a group of us to carve together on Thursday night, preceded with dinner together, and followed by an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I had a lot of fun doing an activity that was always a special part of being a kid, as well as spending a few hours with my friends.

The art of pumpkin carving has become more detailed in the last decade, with intricate designs and patterns being all the rage. Each of us chose a different tactic -- a few used the pattern templates, one did a traditional triangle-featured face, and I got my idea from Martha Stewart: windows!


My pumpkin now has the honor of being my one and only fall or Halloween decor item. I just hope it holds up until Halloween so I can light it for trick-or-treaters.

Camera: Canon 40D (with 430EX Speedlite on first photo), 1/125s, f/4 at ISO 320 and 1250

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