Sunday, July 8, 2012

The difference between "small" and "miniature" art

To the untrained ear, "miniature" and "small" might essentially mean the same thing. But when it concerns artwork—including quilts—a very specific line of demarkation separates the two.

As I learned last week, "small works of art" can include any piece that's relatively small in size. Miniature fine art fits within this category, but its definition is much more specific. Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg will be hosting its annual Miniature Fine Arts Show beginning July 14, and I visited to get a preview for my latest post on the HCCVB blog. 

What gained popularity at the court of King Henry VIII continues this month in Hendricks County: a celebration of miniature fine art. So what exactly separates miniature art from a small piece?

Artistic Designs Gallery’s annual show actually plays a role in art history, because it helped incite discussion among the miniature art community about establishing standard guidelines for what constitutes “miniature art.” Read more...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Addicted to learning: classes at Frazee Gardens

When I want to learn something new or refine a skill, my first instinct is to look for a class I can take. Some people learn from a book, others from watching a video, but I love taking classes. Outside of the standard school routine, I've taken classes on photography, cooking—including basic knife skills and soaking/sprouting—jewelry making, swimming... I'm addicted to learning.

For my latest post on the HCCVB blog, I took a class at Frazee Gardens, a local garden, landscape and gift shop in Brownsburg. I chose one that focused on growing and using lavender and roses. 

Frazee Gardens offers a variety of classes and events throughout the year. Past classes have included themed planters with ingredients for homemade salsa or pizza; pressed-flower picture frames; bonsai trees; and butterfly habitats.

In Lavender and Roses, Dottie shared tips on growing lavender, how to harvest the flowers, where to dry rose petals, and what to look for in a perfect rose hip. After we learned how to cultivate our own raw materials, we sampled cookies and dove into making sachets, lotion, candles, potpourri and soap. Read more...