Tuesday, July 28, 2009

128/365 U.S. Senior Open

I think of my friend Aaron as I write this post. Why? Because he's the biggest golf fan I know, and he probably would have given his left pinkie to take my place yesterday.

The U.S. Senior Open is being held this week on the north side of Indianapolis, at Crooked Stick Golf Club in Carmel. One of my clients at work was involved in putting on the event, so I went to the course during one of the practice rounds yesterday.

What would really make Aaron laugh is the fact that I, being completely uneducated about any players not regularly mentioned in the media, could only discern players from caddies by watching to see who carried the bags.


I did make sure to get a photo of each of the relevant boards displaying the players' names, though, so I could later Google them and try to match faces and names. So here it goes.

In the top photo, the guy in the black hat might be Larry Mize. And the guy in the green shirt is either Mark Wiebe or Scott Simpson.

The guy walking below? I think it's Javier Sanchez.

The final photo here isn't of anyone famous (well, at least I don't think so), it just makes me chuckle.

Check out the kid, intent on his putting game, bent over assessing the situation. Now check out his dad, not quite as enthralled, checking his watch.

Looks about right, doesn't it? Maybe I'm wrong and this kid is the next Tiger-in-training, the guy checking his watch is his trainer, and they're working on making his putting the fastest, most accurate putt possible.

Doubt it. But who knows?

Oh, and for the weeping Aaron, wishing he could be out watching practice himself -- if it makes you feel any better, my uneducated self wore the wrong shoes and now has a blister. I guess it's just karma.

Camera: a borrowed Nikon D300 (talk about a mental challenge -- everything spins or is located in the opposite way as a Canon), 1/250s and 1/500s, f/8 at ISO 200 between 3:15 and 4:00 p.m.

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