Monday, June 1, 2009

Moving up in the world

Over the last week, you may have noticed a change on my photos.

No? Look again. See that, down in the lower right corner?

I have a logo.

A formal, professional, look-out-world logo. And the portion replacing the old copyright mark is just part of it. To see the rest you'll have to a) become a client of a.e.miller photography or b) stay tuned for more blog upgrades. Or by all means, go for two scoops and do both!

I can't take credit for the beautiful design of this brand-new logo. That credit deservedly goes to my friend, Aaron Alvis, a freelance graphic designer I know from my old job. Want to see more of the fantastic work he's done? Check out his online portfolio.

I'm moving up in the world, loving my new logo, and am full of ideas!

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