Saturday, April 18, 2009

26/365 An entertaining Friday night

One aspect that I love about going to regular performances at the IRT is getting to see the amazing set design that is created new for each show.

The stage is utterly transformed each time (which is obviously the point), and I'm amazed at the craftsmanship and creativity.

Mom and I saw Crowns on Friday evening, and I captured this photo before the show started. We arrived incredibly early, allowing time for difficult Friday-evening traffic (that didn't happen). One positive side to our early arrival was we got to hear an introduction to the play given by one of the actresses.

The play was a musical that told the stories of several African American women and used their vibrant hats as an illustrative device.

I was blown away by the musical talent of the cast (I actually had goosebumps more than once). Mom and I both felt that this was one of the best performances we've seen in a while.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1000

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