Thursday, April 9, 2009

17/365 Faucets galore

I love going to Lowe's. (Home Depot, I love visiting you, too, but there just aren't any of you near me.)

I love the smell -- a mix of paint, sawdust, metal, a little fertilizer if you're in that area -- it smells like family. My grandfather is a master woodworker, and my uncle is a contractor, so the smell of sawdust always makes me feel at home.

I also love the do-it-yourself atmosphere of Lowe's. I'm of the mind that if I can do it on my own, especially if I can save some money in the process, I'll do it. And what's better than the feeling of accomplishment when you're done?

I wandered through the faucet selection on my trip to Lowe's this week, and the selection is broad, to say the least. Who'd have thought that faucets would become such a design element in a kitchen or bath?

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1000

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