Tuesday, December 22, 2009

265/365 Growth in Indianapolis

I attended my second positive press conference of the year last week. This one, like the last one, announced the creation of jobs in Indiana, and both the governor of Indiana and the mayor of Indianapolis were on hand for the announcement. This time it was the announcement of jobs being added by the newly renamed BC Forward.

[Excuse that big Christmas tree, it was blocking my view.]

I find it interesting to see how things like this work behind the scenes. You see press conferences on the news all the time, but it's always different to be in the audience watching it in person. Unless you're directly affected by the news, it's honestly not that exciting.

A bunch of people gather around, out walks the Important People, they make their announcement, take some questions, and that's that. I'm sure it's much different when the news is controversial or negative. But both of these in my experience have been low-key and positive.

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