Monday, May 25, 2009

64/365 Perfect peonies

I think if I were to pick "my" flower, a flower that made me happy and represented me (if a flower can really do that), it would be a pink peony.

No roses, no Gerbera daisies, no calla lilies, no tulips, which are all incredibly common wedding flowers and popular in bouquets. I'd choose a peony because of its symbolism of late spring and tie to my birth.

Peonies are always blooming on and around my birthday in early June, so that alone is a natural coexistence. Beyond that, I think of my mom and her best friend, Mickey, because Mom always remembers that Mickey brought her a bouquet of fresh peonies when I was born.

This lovely pink peony is growing on a bush in my aunt's yard, and I could smell its beautiful fragrance from several feet away. I felt completely happy sitting next to it with my camera.

Camera: Canon 40D with 60mm macro lens, 1/250, f/2.8 at ISO 125 at about 5:30 p.m.

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