Saturday, November 1, 2008

231/365 Happy Halloween

For the first time, we were invited to wear costumes to work on Halloween. I wasn't sure how many people would actually dress up, but a few people really got into it.

Exhibit A, Jim:
He wasn't the only guy to come dressed like this -- do you think it's a little curious that two of our 30 employees chose to dress up as pimps?

We did a group photo late in the afternoon (my friend Mark shot this photo using my camera). In addition to the two pimps, we had a soccer player, scary old man, old woman in her nightgown with walker, '50s girl (me), Superfan (hilarious and dead-on), and a mailbox.
Melinda said she had been working on her mailbox all week.

One of my favorite costumes as a kid was the year I went as Carmen Sandiego. Though I loved that I could bundle up underneath the trench coat and fedora, the only downside was that no one knew at first glance who I was supposed to be. In other years I went as a witch, fairy, princess, mummy, mouse...

I still love playing dress up like this. It's one thing I miss about high school and college. We had a lot more excuses during that time to put together a crazy outfit and actually wear it.

Unfortunately, it's not quite as accepted in a professional office.

Happy Halloween!

Camera: Canon 40D, (first photo) 1/125s, f/5 at ISO 1600.

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