Friday, November 28, 2008

252/365 A trip down under

For the past several years, my Black Friday activities have involved two things: sleeping in, and celebrating a friend's birthday downtown at the Circle of Lights in the evening.

I'm not a shopper who enjoys the madness of this day. Heck, I'm not a shopper who enjoys the madness of a mall on any weekend before Christmas.

My plans were a little different this year. Because of new jobs and new responsibilities, the usual evening birthday celebration didn't happen. I also am not ready for night driving quite yet, until my eyes heal a little more from my surgery. So, instead, I went and saw a movie with two different friends. We picked Australia.

I've been a huge Hugh Jackman fan for years and years, long before he was named Sexiest Man Alive (though I definitely agree with People magazine's selection this year -- a much better choice than, say, Brad Pitt. But that's another day's rant.) I love Marvel and DC Comic movies, so the first X-Men was probably the first time I really noticed him. Another of my favorites is Kate & Leopold. So it didn't take much media hoopla to make me interested in this movie. I also like Nicole Kidman.

My review of this movie? Very good. It didn't blow me away, and I don't think it was as fantastic as I expected, but it was definitely well done. I'll see it again.

On my way home, I photographed this old barn along the road, backlit by the sunset.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1000 at about 5:00 p.m.

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