Monday, November 3, 2008

233/365 A new Junior Miss

After a long week, we finally named a new Junior Miss for my high school on Sunday afternoon.

No one substantially froze at the microphone, fell on stage, or made a complete fool of themselves (thank goodness), and it was absolutely a success.
The lucky winner left with six scholarships and is the third girl in her family to win the title (what's in the water over there?).

She'll go on to compete at the state level in February, where she'll spend a week in Frankfort being chauffeured from place to place, shaking hands, smiling for photos, and learning yet another fitness routine.

My roommate during my freshman year at college was a girl I met at the state Junior Miss program. We didn't really know each other, but we knew enough to believe that the other was tolerably normal and had to be a better option than rooming with a stranger (it ended up working out very well). If I remember correctly, six of the 29 girls who were contestants in the state program ended up attending Butler, so we already had a group of familiar faces when we started the school year.

I hope our new winner had (and has) as much fun as I did. It was definitely one of the most significant experiences of my high school career. It's for that reason that I continue to volunteer with the program each year.

I love it!

Camera: Canon 40D, 1/60s, f/4.5 at ISO 1600.

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