Monday, April 28, 2008

45/365 A different sunset

I imagine this might be what sunsets in California look like in wildfire season. It was partly rainy today with peeks of sunshine, but the clouds at this time looked smoky over the sun.

Fires are one of two main topics that plague my dreams when I occasionally have nightmares. The other topic? Tornadoes.

A house right down the road from us burned yesterday afternoon. Since we live pretty far out in the country, more than two miles from the nearest town -- or any road with painted lines -- hearing emergency vehicles is an oddity. And when you do hear it, it makes you drop what you're doing to run to the window, or outside, to look for smoke in the direction they're racing.

Yesterday evening, we heard siren after siren after siren whiz by in front of our house. I stepped out onto the porch several times because they came in waves. We knew it had to be serious when we saw an extra tanker arrive from another town and then a bucket truck from the power company. Hopefully everyone got out safely.

And now I want to stop thinking about it so it doesn't give me nightmares.

Camera: Canon Rebel DSLR on Program setting, 1/500s, f/9 at ISO 200. Natural light at approximately 8pm.

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