Wednesday, November 25, 2009

239/365 A rainy day in Chicago

Oh, the lovely weather you find in Chicago.

Mom and I spent our second day in the city trying to stay dry. It dawned gray and miserable, steadily raining until the afternoon. And of course, the jacket I chose to take does not have a hood.

One big reason we wanted to venture to Chicago was for the multitude of shopping opportunities to be had. On that rainy Thursday, we focused on shopping up and down the Magnificent Mile, Michigan Avenue, all day. Luckily there are several shopping centers that have multiple stores in one location -- so it's reasonably easy to stay indoors.

We wandered through Water Tower Place (with Macy's), the 900 Shops Mall, which features Bloomingdales (scored an item off the shopping list!), and the Filene's Basement next door (a huge score on the shopping list).

I did not inherit a Marathon Shopper gene, so a trip focused on shopping is not something I care to do very often. My idea of the perfect shopping day involves a dedicated list of needed items, focused searching through stores, and calling it quits when the list is complete. And stores that involve digging through racks and displays admittedly make me cranky.

I had a focused list of needs -- and was very successful, thanks to Chicago -- but I was exhausted and tired of shopping by the end of this trip.

Camera: Canon 40D, 1/50s, f/3.5 at ISO 1000 at about 6:00 p.m.

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