Thursday, November 19, 2009

233/365 Available blank canvas

Time for a new self-portrait.

I vowed to practice this technique more this year, since I have a willing model with a schedule that fits mine quite well. And if you haven't noticed, this year is quickly approaching its end.

I find focusing correctly to be one of the biggest challenges in self-portraiture. Yes, I can put an inanimate object in the frame on which I can focus, then move it when I'm ready -- but depending on the setting, it's hard to get something at the right height and position to do so.

So it's a bit of a guessing game. Trial and error. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

For this one, I used a wall in my house, near the front door. That wall will eventually be adorned with a collage of photos and art, but for now, it's a smooth, blank backdrop. Fluorescent lights are casting a shadow on the wall, and I also used my hot-shoe flash bounced off the ceiling. And a tripod, of course.

Fun to do -- but I still have years of practicing to do.

Camera: Canon 40D with 430EX Speedlite, 1/50s, f/5.6 at ISO 500

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