Thursday, September 17, 2009

178/365 Cream-filled decadence

Donuts. Classic stereotypical cop food, but with a secondary role as a stereotypical office treat.

And boy have they been appearing often in the lunch room at my office. And, shortly thereafter, disappearing.

My tolerance for sweets is shamefully low. If I go overboard, I feel like my tonsils have seized up and are elbowing me, telling me to stop. Literally, the sides of my throat hurt.

Because of this, my self-control in avoiding the donuts is usually pretty good. If I indulge, nine times out of 10 it's just with a simple glazed donut (which is tasty, but not exciting).

The donuts in this picture? They make me think of my brother, who can take in an amazing quantity of sweets without breaking a sweat. And these decadent, powdered-sugared, cream-filled donuts are a favorite of his.

They do look tasty, but I can't even handle a few bites of one. This selection was part of what has become a Thursday routine at the office: a box of donuts appears on the table in the lunchroom, word gets around, and they disappear.

I happened to pass by soon after their appearance, so the perfect peaks of cream lined up in the box caught my eye and beckoned my camera.

But I left them alone for people who can handle the decadence.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1000 under fluorescent overhead lighting

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