Monday, September 14, 2009

173/365 Psychics and sushi

As a pretty steadfast rule, I don't care for seafood, neither cooked nor raw. So, with that in mind, I'd never been to a sushi restaurant before.

That changed on Saturday.

I spent an evening with my girlfriends, in celebration of two of their birthdays. We kicked off the evening by going to a "psychic fair," which entailed paying $5 for admission, then $10 for a 15-minute reading with a psychic.

I had my palm read, then she read tarot cards and told me the astrological meaning surrounding my birthday. I've had my palm read once before, in college for fun, so I was curious to see how this would differ. In many ways, the total reading was different -- but as a whole, it was curiously spot-on. (Cue the Twilight Zone music here.)

Our group's collective psychic readings provided great fodder for dinner conversation, which we enjoyed at a sushi restaurant in Broad Ripple. I avoided the sushi, sticking instead with crab rangoon (probably the one kind of seafood I can handle), vegetarian pot stickers, and rice.

The sushi was beautifully presented, though, and the photographer in me really enjoyed seeing it on the plates before everyone dug in.

I did step outside my comfort zone to try a bite of seaweed salad. It looked a little like a vivid green pile of fettuccine. The taste was fine, because I really could only taste the dressing, but the texture was a little odd. If you've never tried it, it's one of those foods that you chew and chew and chew and don't really get anywhere.

But I tried it! I'd call it a night of enjoyable firsts with good friends.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1000 indoors in low light

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