Tuesday, December 30, 2008

283/365 The end of the season

Why is it that the holiday season flashes by so quickly each year?

It seems like we just put out all of our Christmas decorations a few days ago, but Christmas has now passed, and this next weekend we'll box it all up again.

For me, putting the decorations away is a bittersweet process. On the one hand, it's depressing to know the holidays are over, and the long, cold, dark January lies ahead. But on the other hand, the decorations have been taking up space long enough that I'm ready to have things back to normal.

If for no other reason, I'm ready to have my favorite reading chair reclaim its place from the Christmas tree.

Camera: Canon 40D with external E-TTL flash, 1/125s, f/5.6 at ISO 200.

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