Sunday, December 28, 2008

281/365 Think fast

What is it about driving around a miniature track in a go cart that is always so fun?

I went with a couple girlfriends on Saturday afternoon to Fast Times Indoor Karting, an indoor track that boasts its carts reach speeds of 40 mph.

It's a more serious activity than your standard putt-putt / go-cart / batting-cages place. You have to be 18, have a drivers license, watch an "orientation" video, and wear a designated suit, neck brace, and helmet (see Courtney above, sans helmet).

Honestly, though, even though the carts definitely were faster than your average go-cart, and we did have fun, the eight-minute race experience cost more than it was worth -- $22! Maybe if you're a more serious carter (and there were several there) it's worth it, but for me, I'll save my money and stick to the $5 putt-putt places.

Go ahead, call me cheap. At least I got some fun photos out of it.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1000 with flash.

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