Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First 100 posts of Year 3!

Can you believe I forgot to mark the 100th-post milestone? I know, it's shameful!

Well, let's give the milestone its due fanfare! Here's a roundup of my ten favorite posts from the past 100:

1/365 Year 3 - Redbud Trees: The first post of this round, and I love this photo. Budding redbud trees are one of my favorite signs of spring, and I especially like the lines in this photo.

12/365 Azaleia: You can tell I like the color pink just by the fact that these first two posts I'm listing feature shades of it! This azaleia at Mom and Dad's is so vibrant it almost doesn't look real.

14/365 Lone tree standing: This photo conveys a tangible feeling -- loneliness, independence, foreboding... Seeing it in black and white helps to focus the eye on the composition, too.

19/365 A city in North Yorkshire: My first-ever trip to the United Kingdom! How could I not include at least one post from this trip in this list? The trip was great, and I'd love to go back and see more of England. I really liked York itself, if only for the fact that you can easily walk from one side of the small city to the other.

23/365 One day in London: You have one day to see London -- what do you do? Since this trip, I've become hooked on The Tudors, a Showtime series on DVD, and I'm completely enthralled by it. Seeing scenes of London and North Yorkshire in the show, and learning more about a particularly defining time in England's history, is so much more real to me now that I've seen some of it for myself.

29/365 Heavy poppies: You'd think poppies would develop a stronger stem to keep themselves upright, wouldn't you?

52/365 Road trip!: Mom and I took a week-long vacation together this summer, and we began our road trip in Asheville, NC. We both loved it and definitely want to go back.

54/365 Blue Ridge Parkway: You must drive at least a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway in your lifetime. The scenery is completely worth it, and it won't be there forever, I'm sure.

63/365 Acidic soil and blue hydrangeas: You know I love flowers, and this has become one of my all-time favorites!

90/365 They don't make bridges like they used to: An old bridge, on a secluded road, in rural Indiana. How often do you see bridges like this anymore?

How about you? What was your favorite post? Is it one that didn't make this list?

What's next for posts 101 through 200? Fall, the holiday season, the first snowfall... get cozy!

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