Thursday, August 26, 2010

85/365 New recipe: Butternut wontons

Mom and I teamed up in fixing a new recipe this week and made it together. I had been wanting to make wontons at home and had never personally done it, and it seemed like a good two-person escapade.

We combed through a bunch of recipes and landed on this one, which isn't traditional but sounded tasty: Crispy Butternut Wontons with Spicy Tomato Sauce, from Cooking Light. It helped that Mom had fixed butternut squash the night before and had enough left over to use -- gotta love when you can cut down on prep time! After reading the recipe's reviews, we chose to go with a standard bottled marinara sauce instead of fixing the tomato dipping sauce, so that also made things a little faster.

It turned out great! They were really tasty and would definitely be worthy of a repeat appearance. Some recipes mentioned that wontons are a good item to make ahead of time and stick in the freezer, but I can't personally attest to that. We made the whole batch and kept the leftovers in the refrigerator for the next day. They were definitely better when fresh out of the oven (the wrappers got soft and chewy in the fridge), but still perfectly edible the next day.

This was a fun recipe to make and would be great for a get-together. I'll warn the chef in that case, though: they'll be gobbled up rather quickly, so be prepared to see your considerable labor disappear!

Camera: Canon 40D with 60mm macro lens, 1/125s, f/2.8 at ISO 800 in natural light by a window

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