Saturday, May 10, 2008

57/365 Buster and Mr. Bee

Buster loves using the stairs for manipulating his [victims] playmates.

This morning he combined that with another of his favorite games, which consists of stealing something small -- socks, rolls of toilet paper, stuffed animals, whatever he can grab -- and tearing around the house with it.

I have a teddy bear dressed in a bumble bee costume that lives on a bookshelf in my room. It's one I don't care about, so I make it accessible for him, always in the same spot, so he'll choose it over anything else at his level.

This morning Buster first ran upstairs and got Mr. Bee (that's his name, of course). But rather than run downstairs with it so we'd chase him, he instead brought it to the top of the stairs and dropped it.

Then he reached down to the step where poor Mr. Bee lay face down, suffering at the hand of his captor, and he pushed him farther down the stairs.
And then he invited us to try rescuing Mr. Bee.
So what did I do? Rescued Mr. Bee and took him back to his usual spot on the bottom shelf of a bookcase, ready to be kidnapped again tomorrow.

Camera: Canon Rebel DSLR on Program setting at ISO 200.

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