Wednesday, February 24, 2010

327/365 New theme: long exposure

A week of shooting Look Up photos has passed, so it's time for a new theme.

This time: Long Exposure.

I'll define the parameters for myself as a shutter speed of 1/30 second or longer. If you notice the technical notations I make at the bottom of each post, you may recognize that my personal default shutter speed is 1/125s. 1/60s is generally the slowest speed at which you can hand-hold a camera and not pick up your own movement. I generally start one stop faster to ensure a sharp photo.

So 1/30 second is a long exposure for me!

The idea for the photo above immediately came to me. I spend a lot of time typing on a keyboard each day, so while I may sit at a desk most of the time, my fingers are moving a lot.

Tripod + self timer + longer shutter speed = motion blur!

Camera: Canon 40D, 0.8s, f/8 at ISO 100

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  1. I love the bigger pictures and new header!