Sunday, January 18, 2009

301/365 Bundled up

Each night before dinner, Dad takes Buster for a big walk outside.

On Thursday night, when the actual temperature was around ten degrees below zero, Buster got outside and his feet stuck to the ground, much like sticking your tongue to a pole.

Dad picked him up and brought him back inside, and he and Mom devised a way to protect Buster's feet: they rubber-banded scraps of fleece fabric onto his feet like booties.

We use the same method to protect the kitchen floor from the metal feet of our card-table chairs.

I can't look at this photo without laughing out loud.

The best news? It worked! Buster adapted within seconds and was able to run around outside like usual.

Now Mom knows that one of her next sewing projects needs to be boots for Buster.

Camera: Canon 40D with external E-TTL flash, 1/125s, f/4 at ISO 640.

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