Friday, January 2, 2009

285/365 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Perhaps it was a sign of the times, or else just a coincidence in choice of locale, but the restaurant where I had dinner with my friends on New Year's Eve was practically deserted.

Well, okay, "practically deserted" is a little exaggerated, but it was surprisingly empty for a restaurant in downtown Indianapolis on New Year's Eve.

We got reservations for 7:00, were told that 7:30 was completely booked, and that they would only hold our table for 10 minutes. In all actuality, several tables remained empty over the entire course of the nearly 3-hour dinner we had. No line formed at the door, no one had to wait who walked in... I found it a little odd.

So, as I said, I don't know if it was a sign of the times -- were people staying in for the night and saving money? -- or just a coincidence, but it seemed odd.

It did mean that we got to take our time with dinner, and that was completely welcome!

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1000.

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