Sunday, February 20, 2011

150/365 Spirits

I took this photo in the liquor aisle at Target (classy), and honestly had to come back and look up "spirits" on Wikipedia to make sure it counted as part of my "spirit" theme! I wasn't totally sure if the alcoholic spirits had a more specific definition, but good news -- these count.

Does that say something about how regular my consumption of alcohol is?

I tend to be a beer girl, myself, who's molding her tastes into going for a glass of white wine more and more frequently. One of the great Groupon deals I snagged last year was a "language of wine" class at a winery in Carmel. For $10, we learned the basic vocabulary associated with wine, how to properly pour and hold a glass, and we finished off with a tasting. It was well worth the $10! Since then, I feel like I'm better able to appreciate different wines, and I'm more educated when I sample something new.

Maybe the next class will be "Bartending 101?"

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1000

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