Monday, June 28, 2010

51/365 A gorgeous bride

Another one of my girlfriends has left the Land of the Singles and entered the State of Matrimony this month.

Danielle and I became friends in college. We met our sophomore year, when she joined the sorority that I had pledged my freshman year. I remember her being fun and freely willing to let go and just be silly, which -- when mixed with a good head on her shoulders -- I find to be great qualities in a girlfriend.

We didn't become close friends until the next year, when we ended up as roommates in a suite of four. I had different sets of roommates every semester from sophomore year on, but when I look back on those years, my semester with Danielle (and our other two roommates) was my favorite setup. We all got along marvelously well, a group of girls that respected each other's space and knew when to turn down the volume on a weeknight (or quit hitting snooze).

And now? Danielle is back in Indianapolis after a few years in Tennessee, and it's great to have her back! She was a gorgeous bride, and the wedding was beautiful.

And how about that getaway car? Beats a limo, in my book!

Congrats, Danielle!

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