Thursday, March 3, 2011

154/365 Newness: pencil erasers

Buying these made me feel like a kid again, shopping for school supplies in August. I loved that time of year! Fresh pencils, new erasers, perfect white notebook paper, untouched crayons of every shade... makes me want to run to Office Depot now and go on a shopping spree.

I was helping Mom to clean out my parents' basement this weekend, and we were particularly focusing on my old college and kid's-room randomness that is still there. We ran across a stash of my old notebooks (which I had a lot of, as an office supply-obsessed child/teenager/person), and you never quite know what you'll find when you open the cover!

Take, for instance, a notebook started (yes, I dated it) during my freshman year of high school. I only made it through making seven lists before I quit (pathetic!), but the ones I did get done are hilarious. Mom was laughing so hard she could hardly stand up. Care for a couple samples of the mind of this 14-year-old girl?

Things I Require in my Husband
A great smile
Values like mine

It's funny to see what my priorities -- ahem, requirements -- were at 14! I must have had marriage on the brain, because there's another list along the same lines:

Things to Remember When I'm Married
I will NEVER put my children in daycare.
I will NEVER cuss (say bad words to) at my children or around them.
Fighting is normal in a relationship. The key is resolving and moving on.

Wise words from someone not old enough to drive yet, ha!

Camera: Canon 40D with 60mm macro lens and 430EX Speedlite, 1/125s, f/2.8 at ISO 640


  1. Let me clarify that I wasn't laughing so hard at your husband list because it is quite commendable ;) I was amused the most at the journal entry that started with "Chase problems today. It all started when..." hahahaha.. makes me smile again just to think of it.

  2. We'll save that entry for another day. ;) Build up the suspense. What on earth could Chase have done? Hahaha