Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Changing things up on SightSalad

Time for some spring cleaning! What better time of year to try something fresh and new?

I'm ready for a change. Fresh air. New growth. Variety. New challenges. Different perspectives. With that spirit, things are going to change here at SightSalad.

I've been doing Project 365 since March 15, 2008 -- exactly three years to the day, which is purely a weird (very weird) coincidence. After 901 posts, I've decided to try something different.

I'm going to continue blogging here, but it won't be focused on a daily photo. (Let's be honest, life has been getting in the way recently, and I haven't been very good about "daily" photos anyways!) Instead, I'm going to open up the blog and allow more freedom for myself. I want to see where it takes me.

What might you see? Plenty of photos, that's a given. You could see cooking and recipe posts. Perhaps some cookbook reviews. Commentary about life in general. Reviews of books I've read recently. Happenings around town. And who knows what else? That's the beauty of it -- even I don't know.

Where and how will inspiration strike?

I'm excited about this new venture, and I hope you'll stick around with me while I explore this new road.

Away we go...


  1. I have enjoyed your photo blog immensely over the last few years. Many days your photo was the first image I would see every day when I turned on my computer and jumped online. I wish you the best with your next idea.

  2. Thanks, Aaron. :) That means a lot! I feel a new sense of excitement about this, and that's always a good thing.

    By the way -- I bought some of your recommended BRM 10-grain cereal and tried it. Very good! I like having it on hand as an alternative to oatmeal. I also tried your suggestion of fresh fruit, like mango, on oatmeal, and liked that, too. Thanks for the suggestions!